We want you to have fun, flirt and play well together. Arrive with a positive attitude and ready for fun. If you have questions, ask Gwen or a member of the team. We are all here for you, your comfort and your safety.

      This is an adult lifestyle event. People arrive nervous and excited. In attendance are couples new to the lifestyle and those who are experienced. Please be kind and treat everyone with respect.

        Below are Gwen’s suggested etiquette. We honor all attendees ‘comfort zone’ to choose their own levels of participation.
          1. ‘No’ means ‘No’ the first time it is spoken.
          2. No Cell Phone usage in or around the play rooms.
          3. Arrive together and leave together.
          4. No single, uninvited males in the playrooms.

            Male Etiquette

            A true gentleman is always a winner at our parties.
            We believe that Manners Maketh Man.
            If you are bringing a girl who doesn’t know it is a lifestyle event, please attend with caution. It can go really well and you both will have a great night. However, if it goes horribly wrong, respectfully, you will be asked to leave the minute she becomes visibly disturbed. No refund or credit will be given. You will not be able to come back later with another girl or put her in an Uber and come back to join the fun solo.

            Women's Etiquette

            It’s your night to explore, expand your boundaries and feel safe in expressing your sexual desires without repercussions from the world outside our event’s doors. Please have rules and boundaries discussed with your partner before your attendance.
            Unicorns attending together: Please look after your sister unicorn. Love each other, support each other, and look after each other. Lots of alcohol is consumed during a long night’s passion. If you are ready to leave and can’t find her, and she doesn’t respond to her phone, let us know. We will try to find her or look after her. Please have an agreement about ‘if’ one of you wishes to leave without the other, before your arrival.

            Couples Etiquette

            If this is your first time attending an adult lifestyle event, please have a talk about your desires, fantasies and boundaries.
              Couples for one night only: please make sure you both know what you are getting yourself into by attending a lifestyle event together.
                Boundaries can get blurred during the heat of passion in the play rooms. If a line was crossed, we kindly request that you both leave the playroom. Respectfully discuss it over a drink or collect your things and call it a night. Any couples visibly angered or engaged in loud outbursts will be requested to retire for the evening.

                  **Gwen’s List Team members are not paid to get involved in the action. Don’t ask, don’t expect it, and never make unwelcome advances to any of them or Gwen.

                  Anything Is Possible